How and Why I Became a Web Designer

Looking back at my life, I can’t help but to think how everything has led up to now.  I was born in Puerto Rico but moved to New Jersey at a young age. My father, a damn great sales manager and entrepreneur, worked hard to give us the best living a child could have.  We weren’t rich or poor, we were an average middle class family in the 90s.

During that time, I attended Woodrow Wilson elementary school in Weehawken, NJ, and a special guest came into our computer class one day.  For fun, he gave us an assignment to create using a brand new software called Adobe Photoshop 4.0.  Never had I thought that single event would change my life.

As a teenager, I was part of many groups and played in lots of sports.  The one constant thing between all those activities was that I was the designer for them.  When I played baseball, I designed the logo.  When I was in yearbook, I drew concept art.  I kept teaching myself to be better and one day, it clicked.  I wanted to become a graphic designer.

Eventually, I noticed a rising trend in web design so I thought I’d dabble in it as a side gig.  Little did I know that the side gig would become my career and passion.  It’s been over 7 years since I coded my first “Hello, World” and not once have I regretted it.  Web Developing is a never-ending puzzle that only gets more innovative as the years pass.

The Good Life

I’m a positive person since my younger years, so when I have bad days, months, or years, I flip it.  I needed to find someone with the same outlook in life and I did.  Her name was Amanda.  I fought hard for her to love me and it only took 6 months of the most tiresome courting for her to say yes … to a date.  Then two years later, she said yes … to be my wife.

posterI got married at 21 and friends, family, and strangers thought we’d last less than a year.  Who can blame them?  We were just two crazy kids in love.  I’m glad to say we’ve been married since 2009 and going strong!  Everyday is a blessing to have my best friend by my side.

After marriage, we adopted 2 dogs which has made our lives an even more beautiful journey.  We’ve made amazing friends, we’ve lost loved ones.  We’ve swam with manatees, we’ve traveled, we’ve fallen asleep under the stars, and have woken up in paradise.  My life has been a good life and it’s still only the beginning.