Floating Social Media Bar

Published On: December 2, 2015 |

Today’s project had me create a floating social media bar for a client.  Typically, a client may already have a plugin in mind so it’s relatively easy.  This time, I wanted to create one without the use of a WordPress plugin which I can easily customize.  Here’s the outcome:

See the Pen Floating Social Media Bar by Angel Centeno (@thecenteno) on CodePen.

Once a user hovers over the social media bar, an arrow will appear so the user can hide the entire bar.  If there’s one thing I hate as a user, is not being given the option to remove any floating items.

To make the hide/show function, I used the jQuery toggle click function.  It’s easy to use, and straight to the point.  I usually don’t style my codes so everyone can have raw codes, but I wanted to show the final outcome.

Make sure to share the website you’ll be using this!  I’m curious to see how other developers can build on this.