What Developers & Doctors have in Common

In my career, I started out as a Graphic Designer.  After some time, I started noticing that clients began asking for website designs so, I became a Web Designer.  Some months passed, and even more clients started asking me to do things a Web Developer could only do so, I became a Web Developer and then I went to school.  I can only speak for myself, but what I learned in school was exactly the things I had already taught myself.  I just added a very nice diploma to my wall and sharpened my business and online skills.

The moral of the story: I caught myself doing something very similar to what Doctors do and schools indirectly teach: research.

There is no way Doctors can memorize everything in the medical field because if not, then shows like Dr. House wouldn’t exist.  The rationalization of Special Agent Dana Scully would be uneventful in the X-Files.  Your General Doctor would be your oncologist, neurologist, and your surgeon.

Same applies to Web Developers.


It is impossible to learn everything there is about Web Developing when there is so much to explore and learn.  I made it a priority to learn something about everything, instead of everything about something because the World Wide Web does not revolve around HTML and CSS anymore.  That is why we research when an issue arises.

So I speak to all Web Developers when I say, you are not the bottom of the barrel.  You are all the Doctors of websites.  When there is a problem, you enter the source code and you find that bacteria that’s infecting the veins of awesome-testimonials.php!  Go ahead and add W.M.D (Web Medical Doctor, not Weapons of Mass Destruction) after your title…

…and have fun while you do it.

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