5 Plugins Every New Developer Should Use

I am a firm believer that a Web Developer should not rely on plugins… but there are a few that make life so much easier!  I’m not claiming that these five plugins are the absolute best, but they sure measure up rather nicely. They are not ordered in any particular way so if you think I missed some good ones, make sure to comment their link below!

1. Responsive Menu

For a while, I was developing responsive websites using Bootstrap’s default responsive menu.  Then I started using this great script from another blogger that I enhanced on.  Then a friend of mine recommended this plugin.  The free version does A LOT.  If you need that extra  ‘umph’, then go for the pro.

Cost: Free Basic | Pro Version £4.99 / $5.45 One Time Fee*

2. Master Slider by averta

When I’m not required to develop a custom slider, I download Master Slider for the most developer-friendly experience.

Cost: Free Basic | Pro Version $20

3. SEO Redirection

I develop a lot of my website on a beta server, then transfer them to their corresponding hosting account.  A lot of the times, the client may have an existing website.  When this happens, as a developer, you need to make sure that all the links that are indexed on Google gets redirected correctly if you don’t want to lose rank.  This is where this plugin comes handy.  It is a manual process, but to tell you the truth, automation sometimes brings double the headache.

Cost: Free Basic | Pro Version $18

4. Custom Post Type UI by WebDevStudios

This plugin is a life saver.  Whenever you need to create a … custom post types … this is the one.  ‘Nuff said.

Cost: Free

5. Advanced Custom Fields

I don’t mean to repeat myself, but … whenever you need to create an … advanced custom field … this is the one.  I hardly buy pro versions of a plugin but I threw money at the screen with this gem.  The functionality it incredibly easy for novice php developers.  Hands down, my favorite plugin.

Cost: Free Basic | Pro Version $25

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