Adding ACF Fields as Admin Columns to your CPT

For Non-Technical People

There are a few plugins that can accomplish adding your ACF fields as admin columns to the backend. Admin Columns is good one that does the trick.  The paid version allows your custom post type to connect with ACF Pro.


For Developers

function my_page_columns($columns) {
  $columns = array(
    'cb' => '< input type="checkbox" />',
    'title' => 'Title',
    'the-custom-field' => 'Custom Field'
  return $columns;

function my_custom_columns($column) {
  global $post;
  if($column == 'seminar-date') {
    echo get_field('the-custom-field', $post->ID);
  else {
    echo '';

add_action("manage_CPTNAME_posts_custom_column", "my_custom_columns");
add_filter("manage_edit-CPTNAME_columns", "my_page_columns");

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