Hi, my name is Angel Centeno

Web Developer & UI/UX Designer

Remember when Ross screamed "PIVOT" to Rachel and Chandler in friends? Remember when Jared explained to the Silicon Valley crew how companies pivot to something new?

Admittingly, I've pivoted a couple times in my professional career. I started out as an entry-level project manager. I then pivoted to become a. graphic designer. A couple years later, I started to dabble in web design. Then finally, I made my final pivot into web development.

It took me a couple pivots, but I had finally found what I love to do. Developing grew to become more than a job for me, but something I genuinely enjoy and do as a hobby.

Angel Centeno


Web Development

With over 7+ years of experience, I've been able to develop projects for companies like BMW, PitaPit, Volvo, Central Florida Zoo, Moe's Southwest Grill, Ecotourism, and much more.

UI / UX development

There's a reason behind every icon, every link, and every image. Using Adobe XD or Invision, I deliver interactive prototypes so you can see your website in action before making your final choice.


A picture is worth a thousand words. A professional picture is worth a lot more. Your images should translate your mission into story-telling visuals. Many overlook this but in today's internet world, it's vital for your branding.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media is an extension of you, your vision, and your business. Step outside of your comfort zone and market yourself to world. It's important to stand out in a saturated digital world.


A brand is more than just a logo, but how well your web presence is executed and how well your message is delivered. That requires research, testing, and the right kind of out-of-the-box creativeness to make it work.

Mobile Development

Your website needs to look good in every mobile platform. All the websites I develop are mobile responsive using different sets of CSS frameworks like Bootstrap 4, MaterializeCSS, and more.



Throughout my career, I've had the chance to work with HTML5/CSS3, Sass, plugins, XML, JSON, AngularJS, trending CRMs ( InfusionSoft, Asana, etc. ), email marketing, other latest web technologies, and countless libraries. Below is a condensed visual of how I grade myself.



JS + Libraries






Evōk Advertising

Web Developer

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D+N Agency

Senior WordPress Developer

Position requires me to design and develop mobile responsive websites for clients in different niches and industries by coding custom themes on WordPress. Languages mostly used were, but not limited to, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, AngularJS, etc.


Sonic Automotive ( BMW, MINI, Volvo )

Lead Developer/Designer

Conceptualized, developed, and executed strategic online marketing campaigns which included developing many responsive and dynamic landing pages.


New Idea Web, Inc.

Project Manager

Managed up to 20 projects and delegated work orders to developers and designer while maintaining a transparent and open communication with clients.


Julio Aceituno

Angel is a fantastic person to work with, and is not only a multi-skilled and great developer, but also an inspiring strategist. Very good person. Great co-worker with a very strong problem solving skills. Desire for proficiency and education makes Angel a valuable asset to any team.

Julio Aceituno

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